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Spring Wellness Program

  • 90Days
  • 28Steps
  • 15Participants


Get ready to kickstart your wellness journey with our Spring Wellness Program. Sign up March 26th - April 1st. This 12-week program is your ticket to a healthier, happier you by June 24th. With a focus on yoga, fitness, mindfulness, and community, you'll be guided through weekly poses to boost your strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Plus, you'll have a 3-month unlimited pass to keep you on track. Get started today for a transformative experience filled with growth and self-discovery! Weekly guidance in the online modules. We will highlight a specific pose each week to build targeted strength and flexibility. You'll learn about the pose's anatomy and alignment techniques in the online modules. In the studio we'll incorporate the poses into our classes to reinforce your knowledge and to help you build strength and flexibility. Track your progress with assessment tests to measure your baseline, mid-point and ending strength and flexibility. Participants in our Spring Wellness Program have Membership to our exclusive online community, which encourages growth and inspires wellness. Enrich your wellness practice with weekly on-demand videos to practice anytime.


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Spring Wellness Program

Spring Wellness Program

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