Kula Yoga & Wellness offers a variety of classes from the athletic Vinyasa-Style Flow classes, to our Blissful Candlelight Class. Additionally, we also offer: Hatha, Gentle and Beginners Yoga. While there are many styles of yoga that exist, our instructors offer their own take on the practice.

Our hope is here you find what works for you. Move your body in a way that makes you feel good. Yoga is not “one size fits all”. It doesn't matter if you can't touch your toes, or maybe you feel like you can't sit still. You are welcome and accepted here.

We are all meeting on the mat together to find a sense of wholeness, even if it’s for a few brief minutes.

FOUNDATIONS FLOW (Beginner Friendly)

Beginner's start here! We'll get you on your mat and help you to grow and empower your practice. Or, if you're returning to the mat after a break, this is the perfect class to ease you back into your practice. Learn how to connect with yourself and breathe. Let the process be about exploration, and not about doing it perfect. Foundations Flow is slower-paced so we can spend more time on alignment and safely navigating into the poses. Additionally, learn how to use props for modifications. The class is lead by the teacher demonstrating the postures.



A beautifully balanced practice to both uplift and ground you - a relaxing and calming class, to prepare for a deep, restful sleep. Beginning with a steady, rejuvenating flow and leading to delicious restorative yoga poses. A yin and yang practice by candle light to set the atmosphere for a blissful practice.



Do you want to improve your overall strength and flexibility?  If so, this is the class for you! Warm the joints, muscles and ligaments during our ‘Flow & Flex’ portion of the class. Finish class with cooling, passive stretches to ease the body out of your workout. Instructors guide students through flowing sequences aimed at building muscle and stability throughout the body. We use props such as blocks, straps and Yoga Tune-Up Balls to let  students explore postures safely. 

Increase flexibility and range-of-motion during the ‘Stretch’ portion of the class. Stretches will open parts of the body focused on in the beginning of class. Connect with the breath and soothe your soul by the end of class.



Awaken the mind and body with a flowing & soulful practice. Use breath and movement to invite clarity to the mind and energize the body so you feel great long after you leave the mat. The Rise & Shine Flow is sequenced to progressively warm and stretch the body. We will also connect mind & body to ground your energy, focus the mind and make a beautiful start to your day!



Energize the soul by linking a mindful breath with a conscious flow. Students build physical and emotional strength through guided meditation, core strengthening postures and pranayama practice.  Breath work helps to open space in the body which yields to increased patience and grounded energy. Reduce stress, enhances balance, improve over-all tone, and increases range of motion in a fun and casual atmosphere. We use props and modify postures to make Flow accessible for all-levels. 

GENTLE YOGA (Beginner Friendly)

A slower-paced class great for those interested in stretching, increasing range of motion, and improving balance. We use breathing techniques to help calm, center and ground the nervous system. 

SLOW FLOW (Beginner Friendly)

The slower-pace is great for beginners or students who prefer a more relaxed style. Expect to hold poses longer. Explore alignment and play with breath to find a harmonious practice that will both relax and energize and stretch and strengthen the body.

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