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Asana Lab: Arm Balance & Core Stability

Next workshop Sun. 1/27/24 | 3/23/24 Float into arm balance poses with us!

Service Description

Join our workshop to learn the fundamentals of a building practice that includes arm balance poses. Arm balances teach us to find levity in ourselves and in life. They're challenging yet fun and make the body and mind stronger. We'll discuss anatomical alignment by exploring core stabilizing poses like tabletop pose, plank, side plank, chair pose, and downward facing dog for safe practice and to create a pathway leading to more challenging arm balance poses like crow, side crow, fallen angel, and headstand. Additionally, conditioning exercises will be shown to help build the confidence, focus, strength, and flexibility needed for arm balances. Participants will learn through discussion, demonstration, and practice. Please bring your mat and wear comfortable clothes that give you a full range of motion. Arm balances are challenging and will make you sweat! remember to bring your water and dress in layers for comfort!