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Asana Lab: Hip Openers & Backbends

Learn Anatomy and Alignment Techniques for Pose Family of Hip Openers and Backbends

Service Description

The workshop focuses on yoga hip opening poses and backbends, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of these practices’ physical and emotional benefits. Yoga hip openers increase flexibility and mobility in the hips and release stored tension and emotions in this area. By targeting the hip joints, these poses can alleviate lower back pain, improve posture, and enhance overall body alignment. Emotionally, hip openers can help release stagnant energy, promote emotional healing, and create a sense of grounding and stability. Similarly, yoga backbends, also known as heart openers, offer a range of physical and emotional benefits. These poses strengthen the back muscles, improve spinal flexibility, and open the chest, promoting better posture and lung capacity. On an emotional level, backbends can help release fear and anxiety, promote self-acceptance and compassion, and cultivate a sense of joy and openness. During the workshop, attendees will learn the benefits of these poses and gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy and techniques for safe practice. By exploring the anatomical map of mountain pose, participants will learn how to engage the core, align the spine, and protect the joints during hip opening poses and backbends. This knowledge will empower attendees to practice yoga confidently, ensuring they can safely explore their edge and experience the transformative effects of these poses.