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Asana Lab: Standing & Balance Poses

Learn Anatomy and Alignment Techniques for Pose Family of Standing Asanas

Service Description

Join us in-person or online for our hands-on exploration of standing & balancing poses. We’ll analyze the body’s alignment in Mountain Pose by establishing key anatomical maps that can be applied as a template for all asana. We'll apply this knowledge to the standing and balancing pose families to determine the main anatomical action for the respective group of poses. Through this lens, we’ll reinforce our understanding of Mountain Pose alignment. Attendees will gain knowledge of anatomy, asana alignment, and functional movement. Additionally, these techniques will empower attendees to confidently adapt poses for improved accessibility while ensuring alignment and pose efficacy. Our workshop will be presented through discussion, demonstration, and practice during our afternoon-long immersive asana workshop. What you'll learn: -Mountain Pose and other poses within the family of standing and balancing postures. -How Mountain Pose provides us a foundation of knowledge for understanding alignment in all other asana. -Learn how to cue other poses based on your understanding of the anatomical map from Mountain Pose rather than memorizing cues for each pose. -Prevent injuries by ensuring proper alignment of the body in various yoga poses by targeting specific muscles and joints. -To ensure a sustainable life-long practice that accommodates individual needs and limitations, learn how to apply this knowledge for more accessibility and adaptive methods.