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Beginner-Friendly Yoga Trapeze

Class is pressure-free, fun and empowering! No experience needed- come in and give it a try!

Service Description

Our classes guide you through safe practice on the yoga trapeze to build strength, flexibility, and focus. Using the leverage of the sling, suspension, and gravity, you can practice flexibility training in a whole new way with dynamic hip openers, shoulder openers, and hamstring stretches. We use the yoga trapeze (rig) while standing, hanging (using upper body strength), while seated on- and under it, and for TRX-like suspension training. The suspension training has us pushing, pulling, and holding our body weight for functional movement conditioning. In traditional mat-based yoga classes, it’s rare to find pulling motions, and pulling is crucial for back, neck, and upper body health. The Yoga Trapeze complements our mat-based yoga practice by introducing functional pulling movements in a fun and dynamic way. In addition to all of these benefits, one of the most popular reasons people try the Yoga Trapeze is to experience spinal traction with inversions (going upside down.) Spinal traction elongates the spine to passively open the stiff and stuck areas of our shoulders and thoracic spine just by hanging and breathing. During the inversion segment of the class, those new to the yoga trapeze are guided through learning techniques to safely invert, while more seasoned yogis can explore other options. Our classes are taught in a pressure-free environment, and we encourage everyone to attempt only what they feel confident attempting. The versatility of the Yoga Trapeze allows us to offer other options for those who do not want to invert, making it very adaptive for all levels and abilities. Please wear comfortable and fitted clothes, pull your long hair back, and bring a yoga mat and water. Refrain from eating heavy meals at least 90 minutes before class. We have extra mats to lend if needed. Due to the limited number of rigs available, class reservations canceled after 3 hours before class starts will be charged a $20 class drop-in fee. Bookings can be self-managed in our app on Wix.

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