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New Member Pass



1 Month Unlimited Classes

Valid for 4 weeks

4 Weeks of Unlimited Classes

Meet our Wellness community!

Take a variety of classes

Choose your start date at check out

The New Member Pass is a great way to get started!

Take unlimited Yoga, Barre and Yoga Trapeze classes for 30 days. You'll find out if the classes not only resonate with you but if they also meet your needs and fit your schedule.

Our classes are for all fitness levels, and no experience is required!

Keep your body and mind healthy- Practice guided mindfulness while improving your physical fitness with exciting and unique classes. We hope that everyone feels like their best self leaving the mat! 


We offer a few styles of classes- some are more restorative and slower-paced, while others are more invigorating and athletic. Learn about our offerings by reading the class descriptions. If you're new to Yoga or unsure where to start, click the button below to see all of our beginner-friendly classes.


Whether you come to class ready for a challenge or want a gentle and nurturing experience, you'll be encouraged to let your body guide you by moving in a way that makes you feel connected to your practice.

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