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Yoga Teacher Refresher Course

40 Hour Yoga Teacher Refresher Course

Take your knowledge beyond asana to lead inspiring, integrative practices promoting wellness and healing in our Yoga Alliance registered hybrid 40-hour Yoga Teacher Refresher Course. Gain confidence in cueing and sequencing through our innovative approach to teaching yoga anatomy. Understanding anatomy is a game-changer for yoga teachers. You’ll feel more confident leading yoga classes by cueing from what you know.


We teach asana, anatomy, and cueing hands-on so yoga teachers can deepen their understanding of yoga postures and alignment. Attendees can join us in person at the studio or virtually on Zoom. The lead trainer oversees these segments of our training to give you valuable insights, enhance your practice, and refine your teaching skills.


Our training is a hybrid format; there are also in-depth virtual studies to expand upon the information covered during the teaching labs. The comprehensive virtual modules are a resource you can revisit anytime, even after completing the course!




-Identify key anatomical maps in each pose family to inform your cueing and sequencing techniques

-How to optimize kinetic chains for healthy alignment

-Lead adaptable and safe yoga classes through your expanded understanding of anatomy

-Enhance your understanding of modifications and use of props to overcome movement dysfunction

-Learn best practices for gentle hands-on assists


-Design classes with a multi-dimensional approach to Yoga sequencing, including physical health, balance in the subtle body, and psycho-emotional integration

-Learn to teach intuitively to best serve your students in the moment

-Save time planning your classes and feel more confident sequencing with an expanded knowledge of anatomy

-Become more comfortable sequencing your classes around a theme



-Peer teach among your peers to reinforce your skills and to help you grow as a teacher

-Become part of a community of fellow yoga teachers

-Gain skills necessary to guide others safely and effectively

-Identify imbalances allowing you to offer modifications or adjustments



-Learn how to incorporate Nadi Shodhana, also known as Alternate Nostril Breathing into your classes

-Ujjai Breath or victorious breath

-Bumble Bee Breath or Bhramari Pranayama



-We'll explore the chakras, nadis, aura, and prana through discussion and mindfulness practices

-Learn how to cue to the subtle body anatomy

-Teach with intention and lead through your authentic voice

-Each chakra will be associated with a Yama or Niyama to deepen your understanding of the subtle body and yoga philosophy



Graduates from any 200-hour yoga teacher training program. This 40-hour course provides a certificate of completion and is eligible for CE hours with the YA to maintain your registration. Yoga teachers who need experience teaching have the opportunity to teach in our Community Yoga classes. This is a valuable resume-building experience and it’s a great way to gain studio teaching experience.

We meet on weekends from 12-4p.

Here is the schedule:


Course fills quickly! Sign up in time to reserve your spot.


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