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Peaceful young woman with both hands pressed over heart.


Welcome to our
Wellness Community!

Thank you for visiting our website!

The word 'Kula' is a Sanskrit word meaning,

"community of the heart."

Kula Yoga & Wellness is boutique yoga and yoga trapeze studio anchored in community. We're located at 33 Highland Street in Worcester, MA 01609. We believe in the power of mindful movement and strive to create a safe and welcoming space for all. Our instructors are passionate about wellness and lead their classes to build clarity, peace, and joy through movement. Join us and experience a new way of connecting to yourself and others.




Find a class that fits your schedule. Some classes are more restorative, while others will help sweat the stress away!

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The New Member Pass

is a great way to meet

our Wellness Community!

It's 4 Weeks of Unlimited Classes for $49.



We're looking forward

to meeting you!

Read below to

learn about your

first visit.

Yoga, Barre & Yoga Trapeze Classes

At Kula Yoga & Wellness, we strive to create an inviting atmosphere for all levels of yogis. We offer a variety of classes, from Beginner-friendly Restorative Flow and Yoga Trapeze for Beginners to more invigorating and athletic classes like our Barre Fusion Flow or Dynamic Yoga Flow. Whether you’re just starting your wellness journey or a seasoned yogi, we have something for everyone.


Begin Your Wellness Journey 

Our beginner-friendly classes are slower-paced, and we offer lots of direction and modifications. The private lesson included with the New Member Pass can also be used as a private introductory class to reinforce your new skills, or take the lesson before trying a group practice to feel prepared and comfortable for your first class. Our uplifting and friendly community is here to support you as well!

Getting Here


Street view Kula Yoga & Barre 33 Highland Street, Worcester, MA. Field stone exterior with a steeply pitched grey slate roof. Maroon wood trim around the door and windows.

Street view Kula Yoga & Wellness
Enter on Highland St.
We're next to the Old Worcester Courthouse

This is the exterior of our studio. We're in the carriage house of the Whitcomb Mansion- located next to the Old Worcester Courthouse, and on the corner of Harvard St and Highland St. Enter our driveway on Highland St. Our parking lot runs between the carriage house and the mansion. There are 2 parking spots in front of our building and 2 in front of the mansion. Our 13 spot, main parking lot is behind our building. Additionally, there's a large municipal parking lot directly across the street from us.


The door to the studio is on the driveway side of the building. Look for our sign on the door. The door is open 10 minutes before class starts and is locked when class starts.

The door to the studio is on the driveway side of the building. Look for our sign on the door. The door is open 10 minutes before class starts and is locked when class starts.

When you arrive head up the stairs, take off your shoes and hang your belongings on the wall hooks. There are additional wall baskets and hooks inside the studio for bags, wallets, phones and keys.


Please set your phone to silent :-)


Kula, pronounced Koo-la is a Sanskrit word meaning

"community of the heart."

Kula's warm & relaxed vibe has brought a rich community together.

Whatever path you've taken to get here- you're HERE!

We appreciate and welcome you! 

Our classes are filled with students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Come to class with an open mind and an open heart. Leave your mat feeling refreshed and inspired to go into the larger community holding the feeling of Kula in your spirit.

The word "Kula" is a Sanskrit word meaning, "community of the heart."

In 2017 when Kate opened the studio her intension was to have a wellness community that welcomed, accepted and appreciated everyone as they are on the mat today. When they leave and return back to the larger community, they return being their best self. Collectively, our larger community is better for every person who makes time for self-care.

The city Worcester, where we are located, declares itself- "The Heart of the Commonwealth."

For these reasons choosing the name 'Kula' and using a heart in our logo made perfect sense.


The color green was chosen because it's perceived to be calming and it's associated with the heart chakra.


To make our space feel like home. You are welcome and accepted here. We build a sense of community within our space so that people can go back to the larger community holding the sense of Kula in their hearts.

Our hope is you find what works for you. Move your body in a way that makes you feel good. Yoga is not “one size fits all”. Kula Yoga & Wellness offers a variety of classes from the athletic to restful. We believe wellness is for EVERY body. It doesn't matter if you can't touch your toes, or maybe you feel like you can't sit still. You are welcome and accepted here.

We are all meeting on the mat together to find a sense of wholeness, even if it’s for a few brief minutes.


Kate Dalrymple E-RYT 200, CYT500

Kate is a mom of 3 young children. She completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Barre & Soul in Melrose, MA. At the time of her training, she felt compelled to make a change in her life. She was working full-time, third shift, as a Pediatric Polysomnographic Technonologist at Boston Children's Hospital. Her oldest daughter had just turned 2 years old. She didn't know where teacher training would lead her, but today she is the owner of Kula Yoga & Barre! She has 1000s of hours of teaching experience. 

Kate's teaching style incorporates her professional experience in pulmonology and neurology, combined with nurturing guidance and lots of core work and strength building! Her classes are inspired and thoughtful with just the right balance of breath, asana, and sweat. 

Kate Dalrymple

Kate Dalrymple

E-RYT 200,

Two women meditating and laying on their backs resting in yoga poses.


Register in advance to ensure your spot in class. Download our app here to manage your reservations.

Register for waitlisted classes through our Wix app. More often than not you will be able to attend the waitlisted class. The app will notify you when your spot opens.

Accessibility note: our studio is located on the 2nd floor




Please use hand sanitizer upon entering studio.

There are hooks and hangers to place your coat and belongings on. Have a seat and remove your shoes. Find a space on the floor for your mat. 

We have extra mats should you need one.

Help yourself to the props


Say Hello:

You can chat with your teacher if you're not sure how to use props or if you have any questions. Please let us know about injuries or concerns before class.


Make a Plan:

Kate can be contacted in advance of your first class too for questions or concerns at


Kula Yoga & Barre is here to help you overcome that first step! We strive to create a warm and welcoming space that will help you to reach your goals. Our passionate teachers are here to provide guidance and support so everyone, regardless of their fitness level, can take part in our classes. Come visit us, we're here to cheer you on and to inspire you to find balance and strength in your body & mind. Connect with the best version of yourself here on the mat. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Addition info about our studio can be found on our FAQ page.

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