Yoga at Home


Welcome to our wellness community


Kula, pronounced Koo-la is a Sanskrit word meaning

"community of the heart."

Kula's warm & relaxed vibe has brought a rich community together.

Whatever path you've taken to get here- you're HERE!

We appreciate and welcome you! 

Our classes are filled with students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Come to class with an open mind and an open heart. Leave your mat feeling refreshed and inspired to go into the larger community holding the feeling of Kula in your spirit.


To make our space feel like home. You are welcome and accepted here.

Our hope is you find what works for you. Move your body in a way that makes you feel good. Yoga is not “one size fits all”. Kula Yoga & Barre offers a variety of classes from the athletic to restful. We believe wellness is for EVERY body. It doesn't matter if you can't touch your toes, or maybe you feel like you can't sit still. You are welcome and accepted here.

We are all meeting on the mat together to find a sense of wholeness, even if it’s for a few brief minutes.


Kate Dalrymple E-RYT 200

Kate is a mom of 3 young children. She completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Barre & Soul in Melrose, MA. At the time of her training, she felt compelled to make a change in her life. She was working full-time, third shift, as a Pediatric Polysomnographic Technonologist at Boston Children's Hospital. Her oldest daughter had just turned 2 years old. She didn't know where teacher training would lead her, but today she is the owner of Kula Yoga & Barre in Worcester & Auburn, MA! She has 1000s of hours of teaching experience. 

Kate's teaching style incorporates her professional experience in pulmonology and neurology, combined with nurturing guidance and lots of core work and strength building! Her classes are inspired and thoughtful with just the right balance of breath, asana, and sweat. 

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You can bring your own mat or rent one of ours for $1. You can also borrow other props for your class. 

Please sign up in advance. Due to COVID-19 we are limiting the number of people per class to maintain social distancing.

We have tons of free parking at both locations.

Accessibility note: Both studios have a set of stairs leading up to the second floor.

We encourage you to:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early – get your questions answered, and set-up for class

  • Wear comfortable loose-fitting or stretchy clothing

  • Bring a water bottle – we have a water-bottles for $1 purchase if you need some.

  • Please keep cell phone off or on silent.

  • Please leave shoes at the front door.

  • Grippy socks can be worn or practice in bare feet for Yoga & Barre classes.


Ready to try a Class?

Whatever your why is for coming to the made it! We welcome you and appreciate you!

Make yourself comfortable:

There are hooks and hangers to place your coat and belongings on. Have a seat and remove your shoes. Please turn your ringer off. Find a space on the floor for your mat. Let your teacher know if you need to borrow one. We ask you to socially distance from your neighbor. Help yourself to the props


Say Hello:

You can chat with your teacher if you're not sure how to use props or if you have any questions. Please let us know about injuries or concerns before class.


Make a Plan:

Kate can be contacted in advance of your first class too for questions or concerns at 508-768-5786.


Sometime our nerves can get the best of us. Taking the first step to come in for class can be the most difficult. Once that hurdle is crossed, class is a piece of cake! 

At Kula you're always encouraged to listen to your body. Only do what you can. There's no judgement for taking a rest or modifying a pose. You don't have to be flexible or in great shape to start. We all have our first day on the mat!

A relationship takes time to form
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