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Hybrid Yoga Education

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with LIVE & On-Demand Content

Are you ready for a transformative experience?
Join us for Yoga Teacher Training and begin a powerful and fulfilling journey of Self-discovery.

Yoga Alliance Registered 200-HR YTT

on-demand and live content

Attend our LIVE YTT classes
in-person or online

Find your tribe! Make connections in our online YTT community 

Personalized feedback, support & attention

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Comprehensive, Convenient & Accesible

How it Works

What sets our Yoga Alliance approved online training apart is that we offer the option to attend our live classes

IN PERSON as well as onlineThe combination of self-paced, on-demand learning and immersive live classes, is the best solution for those who want a high quality yoga teacher training course that's also convenient and personalized. We designed this course so all who join feel recognized and seen.

Our comprehensive, Yoga Alliance approved curriculum covers yoga's physical, spiritual, and philosophical aspects. Whether beginning a personal journey of self-discovery or seeking a meaningful way to help others, our training offers something for everyone. 

  • Learn at your own pace- our online modules are on-demand. 

  • The live classes are taught in duel format, with them simultaneously being taught in person and on Zoom. People attending the live classes online can learn from the comfort and convenience of their own space, while those joining in-person can learn asana hands-on for an immersive experience. 

  • The synergy of having a blended-style learning format with live and on-demand content reinforces our curriculum. The live class experience is enhanced by the foundation of knowledge gained in our online modules, and the online content is assimilated through participation at the live workshops.

Book cover of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
Book cover of Yoga Toolbox for Teachers and Students.

Our Curriculm

Our curriculum is presented during live classes and in our online learning platform that contain over 150+ modules with on-demand content to help you cultivate an authentic connection with the Self and provide you with the tools and skills needed to successfully launch your career as a professional yoga teacher.

With our 200-hour yoga training, you'll learn about the spiritual and holistic aspects of our practice while gaining the knowledge and skills needed to teach dynamic, inspiring and safe yoga classes.


Upon completing this training, you will feel confident and accomplished, prepared to pursue your dream career as a yoga teacher and assist others on their wellness journey.

What you'll learn:

  • Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga

  • The Asanas

  • Teaching & Cueing Principles

  • Sequencing for "Flow-Style" classes

  • Yoga History & Philosophy

  • Meditation & Pranayama

  • The Subtle Body

  • The Yoga Sutras

  • The Eight-Limbed Path

  • Ethics for Yoga Teachers

  • Professional Development


As additional resources to our extensive online content and live classes, we utilize two books:

The Yoga Teacher's Toolbox *$53.20
The focus of the Toolbox is to present a multi-dimensional approach to the practice of Yoga postures that includes physical health, balance in the subtle body, psycho-emotional integration and spiritual awakening.

Click HERE to order.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali *$15.95
This book guides readers through the path of Raja Yoga, with original Sanskrit translations and advice from Sri Swami Satchidananda, one of the most revered contemporary Yoga masters.
HERE to order.
*Prices are variable


Learn Asana and Teaching Techniques at our Live YTT Classes

Our YTT classes will teach you to lead classes and to cue from your knowledge of anatomy, rather than by memorizing cues. Also, our workshops will give you experience sequencing to lead transformative and safe yoga practices. The topics covered are intended to build the skills and knowledge needed to teach and practice yoga with competence and confidence. The areas covered are: asana alignment, teaching techniques, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology.

New yoga teachers greatly benefit from our method of anatomy training. We focus on alignment and joint function, rather than specific body shapes or abilities. This empowers our teachers to lead inspiring and inclusive practices where all students feel welcome and supported because the teacher has the skills and ability to lead from their knowledge rather than memorizing pre-scripted cues and yoga sequences.


Beyond learning physical anatomy and the kinesiology of dynamic yoga flow, we also study the subtle body anatomy to grasp the philosophical principles that underpin the practice of yoga asana. At our live classes, you'll deepen your understanding of the spiritual aspects of yoga and learn how to incorporate them into your personal practice and teaching.

About the YTT Workshop Cohorts

About the Cohorts

"Cohort" is a term that we use to differentiate the grouping of our live YTT class offerings. We offer the same live classes during each cohort. Cohorts are taught at various locations to give everyone the opportunity, regardless of their location, the ability to partake in a hands-on yoga training experience. Each class offered needs to be taken once. There's a check list in the online modules to help you keep track of the live classes you've taken.

Live Classes Taught in Each Cohort:

  • Asana Lab: Mountain Pose Anatomy, Standing and Balance Poses

  • Asana Lab: Hip Openers and Backbends

  • Asana Lab: Twists and Forward Folds

  • Asana Lab: Arm Balance and Core Stability 

  • Intro to Yoga: Create a Moving Meditation

  • Subtle Body Anatomy

  • Intro to Pranayama

  • Intro to Restorative Yoga

What Do You Learn at a Live Class?

Our live classes are taught workshop-style and they focus on alignment, cueing, safe practice, and teaching techniques. The topics covered in these workshops will not only deepen your personal asana practice, but also equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead integrative and inspiring practices for healing and wellness.


Attend in person to learn hands-on, or attend virtually, it's your choice. All participants will have an equal opportunity to engage with the lead trainer personally and to create a collaborative experience with their fellow trainees.

Those attending in person will benefit from the immersive experience of being physically present, while those joining virtually can do so from the comfort of their own space. Once registered for our YTT course, you can sign up for our live classes.

Missed Classes

The live classes do not need to be taken simultaneously in a specific cohort, they can be attended over-time at different cohorts.

May & June 2024 YTT Class Schedule

Sign up early to join us!

  • The live classes are simultaneously offered on Zoom, and you may attend in-person or online.

  • Have a scheduling conflict? No problem! Topics missed can be made up at a future YTT cohort.

What's Included in the YTT Course

Access to our Private Online Yoga Teacher Training Community

Online 200-hour yoga teacher training at Kula Yoga & Wellness

When you sign up for our YTT you'll have instant access to our private virtual YTT community. Here, you can connect to a group of your fellow peers by sharing teaching videos for meaningful feedback and support. Our private group brings our trainees together regardless of their geographical locations to form personal connections made through discussions and collaborations.

Register with the Yoga Alliance 

Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training at Kula Yoga & Wellness in Worcester, MA.

The Yoga Alliance, a globally recognized organization, sets standards for yoga teacher trainings. A 200-hour yoga teacher training is the minimum requirement to become a certified Yoga Teacher. The Yoga Alliance established comprehensive guidelines to ensure that trainees receive a well-rounded education that prepares them to teach yoga with competence and confidence. Our 200-hour Yoga Alliance designation means our curriculum has been reviewed and approved to meet their rigorous standards. 

Graduates from our training can register with the Yoga Alliance and eventually lead their own Yoga Alliance approved trainings if they choose. This is important because the YA does not allow graduates from non-YA approved programs to register with them as a teacher, or to lead YA approved trainings.

Lifetime Access to our Online Content

Woman taking an online yoga class at Kula Yoga & Wellness in Worcester, MA

In addition to our YTT workshops our hybrid model includes online lessons. This curriculm allows you to access the materials and resources from our training from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. The self-paced content provides flexibility so you can balance yoga teacher training with your other commitments, such as work or family responsibilities. Take the modules before, during or after you attend the live workshops. Also, You have lifetime access to the training content, so you can revisit the material anytime you want to refresh your knowledge. Are you ready to begin your YTT journey today? As soon as you sign up you can access the online modules.

Gain Professional Resume Building Teaching Experience

Donation-based community yoga class at Kula Yoga & Wellness in Worcester, MA.

Donation-Based Community Yoga Class, March 2023, taught by a grad from our Fall 2022 YTT Cohort.

Our trainees can take advantage of a unique and valuable resume-building opportunity by leading donation-based Community Yoga classes through our studio.   


Participation is voluntary, and it's intended to give our trainees studio teaching experience, while also serving our larger community by making Yoga accessible for all. Trainees can donate what they receive to their favorite charity or use them to offset their tuition.


Our Community Yoga Classes can be taught in-person or taught online through our studio.

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