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Hybrid 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Who Should Join Us?

Would you like to deepen your yoga practice and understanding of yoga philosophy, OR/AND would you like to pursue a career as a professional yoga teacher?

For those who answered "YES," read on, because our comprehensive yoga teacher training is the perfect opportunity to achieve both!

​Join us to embark on a transformative journey to explore the profound connection between mind, body and spirt in our comprehensive 200-hour yoga teacher training. Whether beginning a personal journey of self-discovery or seeking a meaningful way to help others, our training offers something for everyone. Additionally, teaching yoga can be a fulfilling and satisfying way to earn extra income or start a totally new career path!


Our Yoga Alliance approved curriculum covers the physical, spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga. 

Join our yoga teacher training program and unlock the transformative power of yoga, to deepen your practice, expand your knowledge, and to open doors to new opportunities.

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About our Yoga Teacher Training

Elevate Your Yoga Practice with our Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training-
Discover the Perfect Blend:
Our eLearning Platform and Live Workshop Intensives

Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training
Our Yoga Alliance designation is essential for aspiring yoga teachers looking to begin a career in teaching yoga. Graduating from our YTT program ensures that you can register with the Yoga Alliance, which is a recognized and respected organization in the yoga community. Our comprehensive curriculum will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to launch your career as a certified yoga teacher. 

Be Prepared to Launch a Successful Career in Wellness

  • Gain insight into the business of yoga

  • Build marketing skills to attract clientele

  • Learn techniques for becoming a wellness professional

  • Feel confident and prepared to teach yoga upon completion of our program

eLearning Platform

Access the YTT content on our app by your phone or tablet, or you can login through our website. In the elearning platform the YTT content contains: videos, lessons, tutorials, and more. As a resource, you will have lifetime access to the course material, and to our online community.  



Our hands-on trainings will teach you anatomy and kinesilogy to lead classes from what you know, rather than by memorizing cues. Also, our workshops will give you experience sequencing to lead transformative and safe yoga practices. Our trainees gain real world teaching experience every asana workshop. The Zoom link for our live asana workshops will be shared to our virtual teaching community, and will be available for 24 hours. Can't attend a workshop? No problem, watch it later on, or wait until the next round of YTT asana workshops. These classes are offered every other month, so if you're unable to attend one of the sessions, you can make it up during the next offering. 

Peer Teaching Labs & Community Yoga Classes

Additionally, we give our trainees the opportunity to teach in our Community Yoga classes. Community Yoga classes are taught by our yoga teachers in training, they're donation-based and open to the general public. Participation in these classes is optional and not required to complete our training. The opportunity is there for those who would like an additional resource to gain practical teaching experience that can be used to build your teaching resume.​​

Individual Tutoring

The lead trainer has Zoom or in-person appointments available to answer your questions, to offer guidance, support or to fine-tune your Asana alignment.

Join Our January 2024
Workshop Intensives

Our workshop intensives focus on asana training to help new yoga teachers learn alignment, cueing, safe practice and teaching techniques.

Attend at our studio or on Zoom
Kula Yoga & Wellness 
33 Highland St. Worcester, MA 01609

Day 1-  Saturday, January 6th 12-6p
Day 2- Saturday, January 13th 12-6p
Day 3- Saturday, January 20th 12-6p
Day 4- Saturday, January 27th 12-6p
Day 5- Sunday, January 28th 12-6p

All of the hands-on workshops can be attended through Zoom, so there's no travel needed.

Learn safe alignment and sequencing to optimize joint health and to create a long-term sustainable practice.

Promote a healthy lifestyle by leading progressive, mindful movement classes for stress management and mood regulation.

Cue for inclusivity and teach with accessibility for all.

Personalized attention is available. Make an appointment during our office hours for help and support.

  • Available Online

    Make an appointment to ask a question or have a conversation about YTT...

Steps to Get Started

Step 1- Register
Begin your journey as a certified yoga teacher by selecting the tuition option that best fits your needs. You'll then have access to our eLearning platform and you can get started right away! Click here to choose an option.

Step 2- Order Your Books
We use two books to accompany our training: 
The Yoga Teacher's Toolbox *$53.20
The focus of the Toolbox is to present a multi-dimensional approach to the practice of Yoga postures that includes physical health, balance in the subtle body, psycho-emotional int
egration and spiritual awakening.
Click HERE to order.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali *$15.95
This book guides readers through the path of Raja Yoga, with original Sanskrit translations and advice from Sri Swami Satchidananda, one of the most revered contemporary Yoga masters.
HERE to order.
*Prices are variable

Step 3- Join Our Online Community
Meet your online community of fellow yoga teacher trainees.
There are many benefits to attending YTT. One of which is meeting like-minded people who support your journey as a yoga teacher. We created a private virtual group to facilitate connection for those in our YTT. It's a space to collaborate, inspire, and assist each other. Our virtual community will help you to:

  • Form personal connections

  • Collaborate with your peers

  • Gain feedback and support 

  • Learn about teaching jobs and workshops

Step 4- Start Your Journey!
Once you register you'll have access to our eLearning platform and you can begin your training today!

Step 5- Orientation Phone Call or Email

We'll set up a 10-minute phone call to welcome you into the program and answer any questions you have.

Benefits of Teaching Yoga

Work That Matters
Teaching yoga opens a pathway to making meaningful connections with others. People will look to you for inspiration, encouragement, and guidance. In this role, you can make a big difference in someone's life. 

Freedom and Independence
Be your own boss or work for an organization. Take charge of your future and start your training with us today! Our yoga teacher training program is designed to give you the tools and guidance you need to create a successful career path allowing you to teach on your own terms.

Travel and Adventure
Yoga teachers have many opportunities to travel and see the world. Online yoga teachers can teach from anywhere in the world, giving them flexibility to travel and the ability to live anywhere.

Be Part of a Wellness Community
As a yoga teacher, you'll be surrounded by positivity from health-focused people on a similar path. Your new network makes it easier to support your happiness and well-being.

Jump-Start Your Professional Yoga Teacher Career

Trainees can take advantage of an excellent resume-building opportunity with us by leading our donation-based Community Yoga classes at Kula Yoga & Wellness. Participation is voluntary and helps trainees gain resume-building studio teaching experience, while also serving our larger community by making Yoga accessible for all. Trainees can give the donations to their favorite charity, or they can be used to offset their tuition.

Tuition Investment

Next Workshop:
January. 6th, 2024

Sign up today to join us!

Tuition Includes:

  • eLearning Lifetime Access

  • phone app + online portal

  • live classes

  • Membership in our online YTT community

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Sign Up

  2. Order Books

  3. Join our online YTT Community to Meet Your Peers!

  4. Begin the Online Studies to Prepare for Our Next Asana Workshop on Jan. 6th, 2024. Once you register you'll have immediate access to the eLearning Portal.

Incredible Value, Comprehensive, Accessible Yoga Teacher Certification

Tuition Options

  • Save $500!

    200-HR YTT Full Pay

    Become a Certified Yoga Teacher
    • Lifetime access to eLearning Platform
    • Private tutoring
    • Membership to online trainee community
    • Asana Workshops
    • Peer Teaching Labs
    • Register with the Yoga Alliance upon completion
  • 200-HR YTT Installments

    Every month
    Become a Certified Yoga Teacher
    Valid for 10 months
    • Lifetime access to eLearning platform
    • Private tutoring
    • Membership to online trainee community
    • Yoga Asana Workshops
    • Peer Teaching Labs
    • Register with the Yoga Alliance upon completion


Start building your client base now! 
Press the button below to let everyone know you're on the way to becoming a certified yoga teacher!  

Investing in your education is one of the best decisions you can make.


Most graduates earn back their tuition within three to six months after certification. We offer an easy monthly payment plan or get a $500 discount by paying in full.

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33 Highland Street

Worcester, MA 01609



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